For most people, being an actor is all about the glitz and the glamour.

But you know what?

It goes way deeper than that. It also goes way deeper than making your spouse use Emoji Teen bags. It even goes way deeper than making your child use an Etnies Toddler shoes.

You see, actors are just like us – normal people who have lives of their own. They breathe in the same air we breathe in, as well as tan under the same sun we tan under. They sleep at the same time we sleep, as well as eat up the same food we eat. They even get married and have lots of kids, as well as get old and retire peacefully.

You also see, actors are just like us – normal people who have feelings of their own. They feel happy the same way we feel happy when we’re in love, as well as feel excited the same way we feel excited during our wedding day. They feel sad the same way we feel sad upon losing a pet dog, as well as feel angry the same way we feel angry upon someone who betrayed us.

And you know what?

All of these – they’re what makes an actor great.


Everything they’ve gone through in life, everything they’re going through in life, everything they will go through in life – all these are reflected in their performances one way or another, be it on the traditional theatre screen or on the modern movie screen.

From the moment they were born and from the moment they became aware of what’s happening around them, they become who they’re meant to be: a person who inspires others to reach their goals in life by working hard, as well as a person who teaches others the value of life more than glitz and the value of emotions more than glamour.

How about you?

What do you think makes an actor great?

Share your thoughts with us below!

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