Scroll Saw Struggles Any Actor Can Relate To

A scroll saw is a handyman tool used for cutting decorative styles or patterns. It’s an excellent saw for those who love producing intricate, odd shapes or designs. But just like an actor or an actress, this saw has struggles as well. Here are the ways an actor and a scroll saw are similar:



Electronic power tools nowadays suffer from the overheating problem. Sadly, the scroll saw isn’t exempted. The cause, of course, is overworking. When the saw has been used for long periods of time without rest, the saw overheats, the blade becomes dull, and you get annoyed. The best way to solve this problem is to turn the scroll saw off, unplug it, and let it cool off. If it’s still overheating even after you’ve allowed it to rest, then contact your manufacturer.

Likewise, actors can also “overheat” when they work too much. When you’re into theater, sometimes you practice your lines and your acting too much that you forget to sleep well, rest for a while, and give yourself time to renew your mental and physical strength. Just like a scroll saw, an actor can prevent overheating by unplugging—staying away from work and allowing yourself to cool down.

Twisted Blades

If actors tend to have problems with their lines, twisting words after words or phrases after phrases, scroll saws also undergo twisting. Their blades also get twisted, making it impossible to produce clean cuts. Blades get twisted when they cut unfamiliar materials. To prevent this, the right blade should be used. Do your research on the right blade to use on a surface before you make a cut to prevent the blade from getting twisted.

For actors, it’s best to solve the problem of twisting words by practicing a lot and by first exercising the vocal cords and the tongue. This may sound a bit ironic, but tongue twisters can help.

Blade Tensions

There are also tensions when using a scroll saw. If the saw cuts with lesser accuracy as you work with it, then it only shows that the blade needs to be tightened. But before adjusting, first, confirm with your fingers if the blade needs some altering. If it really does, then tighten it using the lever which you can find at the end of the rod.


Scroll saws are like actors in this aspect. Actors and actresses also have tensions between themselves. Sometimes the tension gets too big that it causes a problem on stage. When this happens, it’s best to loosen up the pressure by clearing up any issues so that the performance on stage won’t be an issue. Who knows? Maybe all you need is some loosening up of the tension to tighten up a better kind of relationship.

Tripped Breakers and Blown Fuses

A scroll saw is also prone to tripped breakers and blown fuses. When this occurs, you should check your fuse box right away because that mishap will affect the operation of your saw. After solving the problem set the saw to a lower blade speed, and gradually increase to your desired rate.

WEN-3920It’s the same thing with acting. Gradually improve yourself. Take one step at a time. Take the right step every time. Don’t try to make a shortcut through a morally wrong path. It’s essential to elevate your status without cheating.

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Must-Haves When Acting

Believe it or not, acting can be quite exhausting. Not only will you need to maintain the role you’re portraying for a period of time, but also have to maintain your own self at the same time.

But you know what?

Admit it or not, acting can be quite exciting. Not only will you get to maintain the role you’re portraying for a period of time, but also get to maintain your own self at the same time.

Thus, it’s only right for you to bring these must-haves when acting:

Lots Of Water

The reason for this is quite simple. Acting doesn’t just involve the act itself. It involves a whole lot of rehearsals before the day of shooting – either making you speak for a number of times, move for a couple of times, or do both at the same time for a certain period. The only problem? This will make you more exhausted than usual; thus, the need for you to bring lots of water and any other fluids – not just to refresh yourself from the exhaustion, but also to rejuvenate yourself from the nutrients that were expelled from your body through sweating. Try out some of the top undersink reverse osmosis systems as your water system at home for this and learn more about the reason why you need bring lots of water when acting.

A Few Changes


And by this, it means clothes you might need to change into after a sweaty rehearsal with both speaking and moving scenes. Not only will this help you get refreshed in a way where your body can calm down on its own from the perils of pressure even without drinking water for quite a while, but also help you rejuvenated in a way where your body can cool down on its own from the perils of exhaustion even without taking a nice bath right away. Aside from that, having a few changes at your disposal anytime can make you easily adjust to whatever environment you are required to be in – no matter how hot a setting may be, no matter how cold a place may be.

Indeed, acting can be quite exciting. And indeed, especially if you bring these must-haves when acting.

How about you?

How is your acting going? How are your rehearsals going?

Do you know any other must-haves when acting? Let us know in the comments section below!

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