You know what drills are, right? They are handyman tools used to make holes in or through something using a drill, whether it’s cordless or not. Drills are useful in building stuff, and they are one of the must-haves of a handyman.

But actors use a different kind of drill, and we’re talking about what they do to train their minds so they can memorize lines faster.

The drills actors know are the intensive training they have to go through to become great at familiarizing lines.


They start by reading and going scene by scene. Actors don’t need the entire script in their minds in one seating. They study every scene by familiarizing the plot, the characters, and the setting. These actors train their minds first by knowing what the story is about and how they should portray the character in a given environment. They divide their scripts through scenes and have different drills to memorize them. Some use sticky notes, some just use the script, some use a reading or memorizing partner, and the strategies go on and on until they have placed their lines in their head as if they were the ones who said them.


Second, they go beyond memorizing. These actors will then act out their lines. They need to deliver the lines correctly to portray their character properly. Some actors act out their lines once or twice a week, some have to do it every day. Their drills depend on how good they are at becoming the character they need to be. Memorizing + Acting out the lines is a combination much like a hammer drill and an impact driver. They need to go together because they’re better together.

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Lastly, these actors meditate. When you drill a hole on a wooden board, you might think you’re making the board lose something. But actually, you drill because even if you emptied a part of a board, you did it to make some space for something better. It’s the same with actors. When they meditate, they somehow remove all the negativity, as if they’re emptying their minds of anything and every line they’ve memorized. But actually, they’re giving space for better concentration and higher confidence. So when they get up the stage, they will have a renewed mind, better self-esteem, and an excellent character portrayal.

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