Father and Son Silhouette

Sharing My Blessings

My life as an actor has full of discoveries and pleasure that I will forever cherish. I may not be as famous as Brad Pitt but I had experience the same glory as far as I am concerned. I’m not trying to be a cocky here. I just want to make you laugh. I want to give back to the industry that honed me to become the best actor I can be. My gratefulness to the industry is so much that I want to let the others experience the joy.

Three Boys Great Boys

Right now, I’m mentoring 3 great young people. I was amazed by the progress they are showing everyday. I have no kids and by having them around makes me feel that I am a real father. Fatherhood doesn’t have to be defined by the world. It is up to me. Sharing my knowledge to them helps me go back to my old glorious days. It’s good to have those feelings again. And whenever I see them having fun and showing passion for acting, I can’t be more proud. I saw my self when I was young and fearless, these kids one day will be great actors you are yet to see. For now, I’ll train them.

Why I Am Doing This?

To be honest with you, these boys are helping me a more compared I helping them. I guess I’m just growing old and looking for something meaningful to do with my life. I found that joy that I’ve been looking for so long. A joy of companionship. These guys are knocking on my door first thing in the morning with full of enthusiasm in their eyes. Oh God, they are so fun to be around. I wish I have boys of my own, but that’s fine. I’m not going to dwell on the things I cannot unmake. By sharing my time and knowledge with them, I was finally at peace with myself.