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Mastering the art of acting is not simply about joining a workshop. It was never a plan for me to be an actor but it happened magically. The forces of the universe brought me to acting and I fell in love with it in no time. My first day at the theater was the most unusual day of my life. I saw people doing awkward faces you can imagine. At first, I thought I was in a mental institution but I wasn’t. I was just in the unique world of theater. My story as an actor is comprised with endless reading, workshops, taking up art courses, and practice. I live and breath acting.


I took up Fine Arts. It helped me a lot in appreciating different kinds of arts. If you don’t want to go back to college but still want to experience the liberating magic of fine arts, you can enroll in 77 short courses of fine arts, find out more and visit You can choose from the many courses they have available about fine arts.

Read Books

Reading is another way of traveling to a different kind of world. It takes you out from the reality by knowing the lives of the character of the book you are reading. Have you ever experience reading a book and you didn’t notice that it’s already late? Time pass by when you’re having fun. Reading books will help you to recognize how each characters creates their mark on you. It is the exact same thing with acting. You will live someone else’s lives, talk, walk, eat, speak and think like them. By reading books you will be familiar with the emotions you have to portray as an actor. I like reading books in honing my skills because it’s cheap and really fun. Check out: 6 Books Actors Should Have on The Shelve.

Join Acting Classes

Well this would cause you some money. But if you are really serious in becoming an actor, you can inquire to on how you can join their classes.

Read Other Resources

If you are not ready yet to spend some money on your acting, you can simply prepare yourself by checking out these resources, a personal recommendation.

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