Roller Coaster Ride of Emotions
man showing different kinds of emotions

As an actor, my job is to make you feel the emotions of my character.  I need you to feel the pain, anger, joy, and every emotion that you cannot explain. It requires many hours of practice and dedication to master this art, the skill that will make everyone cry, laugh, and captivated. I’ll take you to my world. But please be advised that it would be hard to get out. I told you in my “Meet the Actor Page” that I cannot tell the difference anymore. I’m in limbo where everywhere is all about acting. You just can get lost and at the same time, discover the roads and corners you’ve never been before. My words cannot contemplate what I want you know, that is why I’m an actor for a reason.

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The Sadness

a man who is stressed out and sad

According to, sadness is more than showing your lonely face. Your eyes has to speak the depths of the sadness that’s lingering in your soul. A depth that’s too deep, no one can dig. Only then, you can be sad. Sadness is composed of emptiness and dissatisfaction, humans tend to be clueless where they came from. The tend to find the solution but can’t find one. The solutions finds them. A man can do is to only wait for it to come and continue to move on with lonely life. This is sadness.

“I’ve cried, and you’d think I’d be better for it, but the sadness just sleeps, and it stays in my spine the rest of my life.” – Conor Oberst

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The Joy

A happy girl

This the part where you stretch your mouth, relax the muscle of your face and let it brighten. Let your heart explode with the positivity it offers. Imagine yourself to be in place you wanted to dance so badly, just let go. Be free to express the joy inside you. Hug someone, tell them how important they are. The best way to express happiness is when you an make someone happy. See the glow on their faces and observe how their moods change. Then once you’re home, look in the mirror.

 “With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be cheerful. Strive to be happy.” –  Max Ehrmann

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The Anger

Man who is madAnger is my favorite emotion in a play because it helps me release my self from withholding the things I want to say. This is the time when I grind my teeth and close my fist as if I’m going to punch someone in the face.  There will more emotions that you would come across in acting. The best tip I can give you is to remember the moments you can associate to the emotion you want to show. If you want to cry, remember the most painful event in your life.

“I don’t usually lose my temper, but if I get angry, it’s true – I’m scary.” – Eva Mendes


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My Struggles As An Actor
girls laying on the road with her face on the floor

The Struggle For Greatness

The struggle for greatness doesn’t stop when you already become an actor. You want to please your audience to receive their ground-breaking applause. We tend to take our roles too far to reach this level of acting. Everything from the story becomes real and your reality becomes the story. That’s the reason I mentioned on this blog that there is a danger of being lost. You get lost and you don’t know when you can ever find your way back.

Tendency To Take The Role Too Far

I am passionate with I do. This is what I do best. I have the tendency to take my role too far by alienating my self from the crowd. I don’t care what other people think as long as I know I delivered my role well. The problem with this tendency is you lost the precious relationships in your life. I lost the track of time because of acting. I now look at my empty pad with no one to talk to. I have sacrificed the value of divine relationships for the sake of acting, I’m now asking my self if it worth the sacrifice. I’m telling you now, it’s not worth it. Learn from my mistakes to save your self from the emptiness and pain of what it caused me.

Having Difficulty Of Finding Other Source Of Happiness

Acting has been part of my life. It’s tattooed in my heart. There is no way you can separate me from acting. But the question is… what will happen to me if the theater turn its back on me? It’s hard to move on. It’s hard to find other source of happiness. You will miss the crowd, you will miss those stressful days of the play and you will miss everything about it. So my advice to you is to find other hobby to get you distracted. Don’t make it your only world. Roles can come and go but you will always have to make peace with your self.

You Tend To Have Multiple Personalities

Well this one doesn’t need explanation. As you know, actors take on different roles. Each roles creates their part on us. They became so sticky and would be impossible to remove. When I took the role of Sweeney Todd, I noticed that I was becoming more and more of him. Sweeney Todd is a man with so many unfinished business, he is full of revenge, anger, and longingness. I want to make it clear that I didn’t kill anyone. But the character of Sweeney has somehow creeped into veins. I adapted his fashion statement and the worst his resentment to the world. Don’t worry, my shrink is taking care of this issue for me.



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How Actors Train Their Minds for Memorizing

You know what drills are, right? They are handyman tools used to make holes in or through something using a drill, whether it’s cordless or not. Drills are useful in building stuff, and they are one of the must-haves of a handyman.

But actors use a different kind of drill, and we’re talking about what they do to train their minds so they can memorize lines faster.

The drills actors know are the intensive training they have to go through to become great at familiarizing lines.


They start by reading and going scene by scene. Actors don’t need the entire script in their minds in one seating. They study every scene by familiarizing the plot, the characters, and the setting. These actors train their minds first by knowing what the story is about and how they should portray the character in a given environment. They divide their scripts through scenes and have different drills to memorize them. Some use sticky notes, some just use the script, some use a reading or memorizing partner, and the strategies go on and on until they have placed their lines in their head as if they were the ones who said them.


Second, they go beyond memorizing. These actors will then act out their lines. They need to deliver the lines correctly to portray their character properly. Some actors act out their lines once or twice a week, some have to do it every day. Their drills depend on how good they are at becoming the character they need to be. Memorizing + Acting out the lines is a combination much like a hammer drill and an impact driver. They need to go together because they’re better together.

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Lastly, these actors meditate. When you drill a hole on a wooden board, you might think you’re making the board lose something. But actually, you drill because even if you emptied a part of a board, you did it to make some space for something better. It’s the same with actors. When they meditate, they somehow remove all the negativity, as if they’re emptying their minds of anything and every line they’ve memorized. But actually, they’re giving space for better concentration and higher confidence. So when they get up the stage, they will have a renewed mind, better self-esteem, and an excellent character portrayal.

Visit to know how to store your drills the right way.

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Scroll Saw Struggles Any Actor Can Relate To

A scroll saw is a handyman tool used for cutting decorative styles or patterns. It’s an excellent saw for those who love producing intricate, odd shapes or designs. But just like an actor or an actress, this saw has struggles as well. Here are the ways an actor and a scroll saw are similar:



Electronic power tools nowadays suffer from the overheating problem. Sadly, the scroll saw isn’t exempted. The cause, of course, is overworking. When the saw has been used for long periods of time without rest, the saw overheats, the blade becomes dull, and you get annoyed. The best way to solve this problem is to turn the scroll saw off, unplug it, and let it cool off. If it’s still overheating even after you’ve allowed it to rest, then contact your manufacturer.

Likewise, actors can also “overheat” when they work too much. When you’re into theater, sometimes you practice your lines and your acting too much that you forget to sleep well, rest for a while, and give yourself time to renew your mental and physical strength. Just like a scroll saw, an actor can prevent overheating by unplugging—staying away from work and allowing yourself to cool down.

Twisted Blades

If actors tend to have problems with their lines, twisting words after words or phrases after phrases, scroll saws also undergo twisting. Their blades also get twisted, making it impossible to produce clean cuts. Blades get twisted when they cut unfamiliar materials. To prevent this, the right blade should be used. Do your research on the right blade to use on a surface before you make a cut to prevent the blade from getting twisted.

For actors, it’s best to solve the problem of twisting words by practicing a lot and by first exercising the vocal cords and the tongue. This may sound a bit ironic, but tongue twisters can help.

Blade Tensions

There are also tensions when using a scroll saw. If the saw cuts with lesser accuracy as you work with it, then it only shows that the blade needs to be tightened. But before adjusting, first, confirm with your fingers if the blade needs some altering. If it really does, then tighten it using the lever which you can find at the end of the rod.


Scroll saws are like actors in this aspect. Actors and actresses also have tensions between themselves. Sometimes the tension gets too big that it causes a problem on stage. When this happens, it’s best to loosen up the pressure by clearing up any issues so that the performance on stage won’t be an issue. Who knows? Maybe all you need is some loosening up of the tension to tighten up a better kind of relationship.

Tripped Breakers and Blown Fuses

A scroll saw is also prone to tripped breakers and blown fuses. When this occurs, you should check your fuse box right away because that mishap will affect the operation of your saw. After solving the problem set the saw to a lower blade speed, and gradually increase to your desired rate.

WEN-3920It’s the same thing with acting. Gradually improve yourself. Take one step at a time. Take the right step every time. Don’t try to make a shortcut through a morally wrong path. It’s essential to elevate your status without cheating.

Don’t have a scroll saw? Check out the top 5 scroll saws for a beginner.

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Must-Haves When Acting

Believe it or not, acting can be quite exhausting. Not only will you need to maintain the role you’re portraying for a period of time, but also have to maintain your own self at the same time.

But you know what?

Admit it or not, acting can be quite exciting. Not only will you get to maintain the role you’re portraying for a period of time, but also get to maintain your own self at the same time.

Thus, it’s only right for you to bring these must-haves when acting:

Lots Of Water

The reason for this is quite simple. Acting doesn’t just involve the act itself. It involves a whole lot of rehearsals before the day of shooting – either making you speak for a number of times, move for a couple of times, or do both at the same time for a certain period. The only problem? This will make you more exhausted than usual; thus, the need for you to bring lots of water and any other fluids – not just to refresh yourself from the exhaustion, but also to rejuvenate yourself from the nutrients that were expelled from your body through sweating. Try out some of the top undersink reverse osmosis systems as your water system at home for this and learn more about the reason why you need bring lots of water when acting.

A Few Changes


And by this, it means clothes you might need to change into after a sweaty rehearsal with both speaking and moving scenes. Not only will this help you get refreshed in a way where your body can calm down on its own from the perils of pressure even without drinking water for quite a while, but also help you rejuvenated in a way where your body can cool down on its own from the perils of exhaustion even without taking a nice bath right away. Aside from that, having a few changes at your disposal anytime can make you easily adjust to whatever environment you are required to be in – no matter how hot a setting may be, no matter how cold a place may be.

Indeed, acting can be quite exciting. And indeed, especially if you bring these must-haves when acting.

How about you?

How is your acting going? How are your rehearsals going?

Do you know any other must-haves when acting? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Acting While Still Being Yourself

Let’s face it. There’s a notion that acting is one way to keep your real self from getting out and wreaking havoc all over the place. Let’s face it. There’s also a notion that acting is one way to keep your real feelings from spilling out and drowning everyone all over the place. Let’s face it. There’s even a notion that acting is one way to keep your real opinions from coming out and breaking hearts all over the place.

But you know what?

Let’s face it. The fact remains that acting is one great way to encourage your real self to get out and make a difference. Let’s face it. The fact also remains that acting is one great way inspire your real feelings to spill out and begin a change. Let’s face it. The fact even remains that acting is one great way to motivate your real opinions to come out and take a risk.


And you know what?

That’s what acting is all about. To make your real self get out of its comfort zone and make a difference in a way that won’t wreak havoc all over the place. To make your real feelings spill out of its closed space and begin a change in a way that won’t drown everyone all over the place. To make your real opinions come out of its constricting area and take a risk in a way that won’t break hearts all over the place.

Because that’s what acting is all about. To make a difference and motivate others even more when it comes to their real selves outside of their comfort zones. To begin a change and inspire others even more when it comes to their real feelings outside of their closed spaces. To take a risk and encourage others even more when it comes to their real opinions outside of their constricting areas.

Even more so, it’s for you to grow like no other and it’s for you to mature like never before – just like how cannabis is grown beautifully, and despite it being just allowed to be grown on select cities in the entire world, while its LED grow lights are taking off in the distance: free from the comfort zone, free from the closed space, free from the constricting areas.

How do you find acting? How do you find being yourself?

How do you find doing both at the same time?

Share your thoughts with us below!

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What Makes An Actor Great?

For most people, being an actor is all about the glitz and the glamour.

But you know what?

It goes way deeper than that. It also goes way deeper than making your spouse use Emoji Teen bags. It even goes way deeper than making your child use an Etnies Toddler shoes.

You see, actors are just like us – normal people who have lives of their own. They breathe in the same air we breathe in, as well as tan under the same sun we tan under. They sleep at the same time we sleep, as well as eat up the same food we eat. They even get married and have lots of kids, as well as get old and retire peacefully.

You also see, actors are just like us – normal people who have feelings of their own. They feel happy the same way we feel happy when we’re in love, as well as feel excited the same way we feel excited during our wedding day. They feel sad the same way we feel sad upon losing a pet dog, as well as feel angry the same way we feel angry upon someone who betrayed us.

And you know what?

All of these – they’re what makes an actor great.


Everything they’ve gone through in life, everything they’re going through in life, everything they will go through in life – all these are reflected in their performances one way or another, be it on the traditional theatre screen or on the modern movie screen.

From the moment they were born and from the moment they became aware of what’s happening around them, they become who they’re meant to be: a person who inspires others to reach their goals in life by working hard, as well as a person who teaches others the value of life more than glitz and the value of emotions more than glamour.

How about you?

What do you think makes an actor great?

Share your thoughts with us below!

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